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Quinney Puppet Build 2016 Update!

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  • UPDATE: Now 40 Quinneys will be built instead of 20!
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What's so great about a Quinney Puppet?

Lots of things, but below are just a few reasons...

What's so great about a Quinney?

I came up with the idea for the original version of the Quinney puppets over 25 years ago. They were designed specifically for a hand puppetry course my business partner and I were giving in London at the Little Angel Puppet Theatre. The idea was that whatever your hand did, they would do, so there was no hiding behind the puppet. They kind of looked like weasels and became known as that. These "weasels" didn't have ears or floppy fingers and just had little claw like shapes for hands. You could control the expression just by changing your hand shape inside, much like Kermit the Frog. Eye focus  and lip-synch are very important, so if you got this wrong, it would show up immediately on the puppet.

We later held much more extensive puppetry training courses in Galway Ireland for new puppeteers to learn for upcoming "lesser used languages" television show in Irish, Scottish and Welsh Gaelic. The courses were well received and new careers were born.

Fast forward to the late 90's when I added floppy ears and fingers, which is pretty much the version you see today. He now looks more puppy dog like and has instant visual gratification, which is very satisfying to both the audience watching and the puppeteer learning new skills.

By now I have built a few hundred of these, with each one being adopted into a loving home. Other puppetry classes have recently used these, including animators at Dreamworks and Blizzard Games. Other Quinneys are owned by Pixar,  Disney and Digital Domain employees, Muppet performers, puppeteers, actors and one is even a prized possession of Iron Man Producer John Favreau!

I still use my own Quinney for any puppet auditions I attend, such as for Disney Channel and more. I'm often delighted to see other puppeteers to show up with their Quinney too! I still have fun dressing mine up with teeth and other props for fun videos when the whim takes me.

This is the last batch of 20 I'll be building before my upcoming "Secrets Of Puppetry" online training academy course that will go live this summer. My Quinney will be used extensively as part of the training, so if you own one, you'll be more than ready.


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Some of the Quinneys living large...

Iron Man Producer John Favreau

John said he was in love with his Quinney and how expressive it is!

Dreamworks Puppetry Class with David Skelly

This was from a puppetry class at Dreamworks Animation taught by Muppet veteran David Skelly.

Blizzard Games Puppetry Class with David Skelly

Another group of happy puppeteers also taught by David Skelly, this time for Blizzard Games, creators of World Of Warcraft!

A Bunch Of Quinneys

Here's a bunch of my babies after just being hatched. I do miss them all. Why don't they ever call or send a postcard?...

My babies are all grown up!

Here are several Quinneys living full lives in the real world. Special thanks to their owners Mak, Shawn, Andy, Neil and Alissa!

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